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How to farm Tempered Bapholite in Warframe

Guide to Nightmare Missions in Warframe

Tempered Bapholite in Warframe is one of the newer resources added for the Heart of Deimos expansion. Digital Extremes added the item as a core component in various builds. Tempered Bapholite is a resource used to craft decorations and weapon and Necramech parts. Each build crafts 20 Tempered Bapholite.

Check out the guide below to find out what resources you need to build it, and where to get them. First things first, you need the Blueprint. Buy this from Otak at the Necralisk of Deimos for 1,000 standing. You need to be Neutral rank or higher to purchase it. Once you have the Blueprint and the materials, you can build it at the foundry.

What do I need to build Tempered Bapholite in Warframe?

  • 1,000 Credits
  • 20 Bapholite
  • 20 Pyrol
  • 1600 Nano Spores
  • 15 Lucent Terroglobe

Where can I get these resources?

  • Bapholite – These are most commonly found in the yellow mineral veins in the Cambion Drift, which means you’re going mining for a stint. You can also find some in the secret vaults attached to the Isolation Vaults.
  • Pyrol – These can be gotten from red mineral veins in the Plains of Eidolon. Go use the best mining spot on the plains for tons of it. You can also get it from the Mining shop during day cycles.
  • Nano Spores – can be farmed from enemies and container drops randomly on Deimos, Saturn, Eris, and Neptune.
  • Lucent Terroglobe – Comes from Vitrific Outcrops on the Cambion Drift. Can also be gained as a mission reward from Mother Bounties.
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