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How To Farm Sicarus Prime Relics in Warframe

How To Get Frost Prime and Ember Prime

Once again we’re looking at a few new items in the game for Warframe players to craft. We already looked at the melee death-dealing potential of Glaive Prime, now we’re moving on. Next up is the much more useful ranged option, Sicarus Prime. This deceptively small pistol packs a wallop and brings in a powerful secondary option for players that want it.

What Relics do I Need?

  • Axi E1 – Sicarus Prime Blueprint – Rare
  • Meso F2 – Sicarus Prime Barrel – Common
  • Neo S5 – Sicarus Prime Receiver – Common

Farming Sicarus Prime Relics

Unvaulted Relics will only drop from doing Cetus Bounty missions, Orb Vallis Bounties, and Cambio Drift Bounties, and missions in the Void. That means you’re pretty restricted in where you can farm. Head over to the relevant open-world are and find the right NPC, Konzu (Cetus), Eudico (Fortuna), or Mother (Necralisk), from there you can farm Bounties to go for each Relic type. You will want to check each mission offered, as it will list the Relics given as a reward.

Each Bounty will have multiple stages to it. If you want a more thorough rundown of which rotation to aim for, use the wiki for the mission or bounty type. Click the linked Relic name to be taken right to its relevant page, listing the missions you’re after.

Most Relics in Warframe can be farmed via Void missions There are a few different Void Missions of each type, with Capture being the easiest to run through. The best places to farm are Hepit and Ukko, hands down. Why? Because both of these are Capture missions, which can be completed in about 2 minutes per run easily.

Look below for the full rundown of which Void Missions to farm for which Relic:

  • Axi E1 – Aten, Belenus, Marduk, Mithra, Mot
  • Lith G1 – Ani, Hepit, Stribog, Taranis, Teshub, Tiwaz
  • Meso F2 – Ani, Belenus, Oxomoco, Stribog, Taranis, Tiwaz, Ukko
  • Neo S5 – Ani, Aten, Belenus, Marduk, Mirtha, Mot, Oxomoco, Ukko

Once you have the Relics, it’s time to start cracking them for loot. If you want a full guide on cracking Void Relics, we have that handy. You will need a fair few resources to build the weapons as well. So make sure you check the Blueprints in your inventory to make sure you have the items you need to actually build it.

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