How to exorcise ghosts in BitLife

How to complete the Paranormal Challenge in BitLife

The spooky ghosts have infested CandyWriter’s mobile sim, BitLife. The new weekly challenge, the Paranormal Challenge, is bringing on the scares. You’re going house-hunting, and ghost-hunting at the same time. This week, you need to help contain the spirits too. Here’s how to get rid of and exorcise ghosts in BitLife.

Get a good job, because you’re going to need a lot of money to afford five haunted houses for the challenge. Once you have the five houses, wich will be quite expensive, you can begin. You can either take on the Exorcist job yourself or pay for an exorcist for $250 in-game. The latter is a much faster and easier option. If a ghost’s activity level is too high, the exorcist will have trouble, so try to get rid of the less active ones first if you’re in a hurry.

Go into the assets tab and look for haunted houses, they will be clearly marked. When you buy each house, you can check what ghosts are in it by click on it and selecting the Spirits option. That’s where you’re going to need to check to exorcise ghosts in BitLife. There will be two options there, to either summon a ghost, or to exorcise it. To count against the challenge, you need to exorcise 5+ individual ghosts, and summon 10+ ghosts. So at best, you need at least 10 ghosts in your various houses.

Each ghost you click on will have an Activeness and Friendliness rating. The lower these ratings, a couple of things can be inferred. A more Active ghost is more likely to do things, like scare you. A less friendly spirit will instead actively try to harm you a lot more often. Watch out that you don’t get taken out while trying to finish the challenge. And like was mentioned previously, it’s harder to exorcise ghosts in BitLife that are more active.

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There, now that you have learned to exorcise ghosts in BitLife, you can finish off the rest of the challenge and move on.

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