How to Destroy Walls and Stairs in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

Sometimes the zombie hordes will be too overwhelming. One of the classic tips in the legendary Zombie Survival Guide is to destroy the stairs if you have to retreat up them. Project Zomboid also brings that tip to the forefront. You could also need to explore for some juicy loot, and that locked door is in your way. Sure, destroying walls and doors in Project Zomboid makes a lot of noise, but it can be useful.

You need to have a Sledgehammer to bring these walls and stairs down in PZ. To destroy a wall in Project Zomboid just right-click on it with the sledge equipped. One option that comes up is Destroy. Click that and your character will go to work. The process is the same for doors, stairs and other obstacles.  So to get going, press “Destroy” then you can then select the wall you wish to destroy. You can target walls by pressing R to focus your blows.

Using the sledgehammer the player can also break down furniture and items found all over the place. This won’t yield any materials for crafting, so breaking down furniture is kind of pointless. There are a bunch of ways to get crafting materials doing the actual breakdown. Trouble is, you often need the associated skill and tools to get it done.

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You will need to be aware of a few things though. For one thing, this makes a ton of noise.

If you do need to retreat to upper floors, make sure to bring a nail and some sheets with you to craft an emergency rope that you can use to escape. Attaching these items by right-clicking on an open window is a great way to flee from a horde.

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