How to craft and use a hopper in Minecraft

How to make an Auto Smelter in Minecraft

A hopper is a block that players can use to transfer items in Minecraft. In Minecraft, a hopper is one of the most important items that you can have in your inventory for managing clutter and dealing with complex machines. If you need a system to automate certain crafting tasks, you often will need some hoppers. You can then use them to make all manner of complex machines.

Hoppers work by filtering a certain item as an input and then putting it into the connected block as an output. Most often, this is used to make machines like Auto Smelters by connecting a series of chests and hoppers up to furnaces. You can then use a repeating wall of these machines to automate all your smelting and fuel production needs. Here’s how to make hoppers and get started with that.

How To Make A Hopper In Minecraft

You need Iron Ingots and a chest to make a Hopper.

Here’s the basic premise of making a Hopper in Minecraft:

  • In the first row, add one Iron ingot in the first and third cell. Leave the middle cell empty
  • In the second row, add one Iron ingot in the first third cell. Place the Chest in the middle cell
  • In the third row, add one Iron ingot in the middle cell, leaving both sides empty
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You can use the image below as a guide as well, if you’re having trouble. Make as many hoppers as you have the resources for. Trust me, you will need them later.

How to craft a hopper in Minecraft

You also need to make chests to go along with the hopper. Gather some wood and make a bunch while you’re at it, as the machines requiring this setup rarely use less than a couple of each component. And that’s aside from the chest to make the item itself.

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