How to Counter an EMMI in Metroid Dread

The EMMIs of Metroid Dread are quite the threatening enemy. These powerful robots need to be avoided at all costs. Samus is being hunted and these enemies are the main force behind that threat. The EMMI in the franchise is basically a giant, murderous, robot. While running around the levels of the new Switch game, Samus will routinely encounter these enemies. You have a couple of options for dealing with them. You could use a charged shot and shoot them in the eye, but that’s not always possible. If they do manage to pin Samus, you have a split second to counter and escape. Here’s how to counter an EMMI in Metroid Dread.

Failing to counter an EMMI will result in an instant game over, so you need to learn how to do this. It’s also worth pointing out that upgrades like Phantom Cloak don’t work for these enemies. You can still be grabbed and taken out when using stealth.

During the capture animation, you have two different points you can counter. Each one plays very visibly during the capture, so watch the EMMIs eyes. The bright yellow flashes are your cue to counter. When you see the flash in the robot’s eye, that’s the time to press the X button. it’s not an easy thing to time either. The allowable frames for getting the counter are very short. You must time the press of the X button pretty precisely. If you fail, it’s a game over for you.

Lucky for you, you will only encounter these monsters on set paths. You can only run into an EMMI inside of an EMMI Zone, so keep on the lookout for these areas on the map.

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Remember, to kill EMMIs you need to have the Omega Cannon unlocked. This is specific to each level, and triggers after you interact with the Control Unit in each zone. Once you do find and destroy a Control Unit, you’ll temporarily gain the power of the Omega Cannon. This will likely lead right into a boss fight of sorts with these robotic beasts. Samus must use the charged shot against the foe to bring it down. Letting it get too close will trigger the capture animation.

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