How to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

Cardi B, the famous American rapper and actress, has become a titan in the music industry. Many of her songs have taken on new life online as the catchy beats and sometimes crass lyrics dominate the airwaves. People all over want to emulate her success. And it would seem the developers behind BitLife want to idolize her a bit. The new WAP Challenge in BitLife is all about living out a digital recreation of her life. Here are the steps involved.

How to complete the WAP Challenge in BitLife

The WAP Challenge in BitLife is a play on the infamous Cardi B song, so here’s what to do to complete it.

  1. Be born a female in New York
  2. Become a stripper
  3. Become a famous rapper
  4. Have at least two double-platinum singles
  5. Bathe five or more cats

Becoming a stripper in BitLife

The first thing you need to do is make a female character. Use the edit function to speed this part up. Be born in the USA and from New York. Now you just need to get through life until you’re 18. You need to choose a part-time job as a Stripper when it comes up. This can take a lot of work, as the jobs are random at times. Keep restarting BitLife until you finally get the job to show up.

Become a famous rapper

This is the hardest part of the challenge.  Becoming a rapper means you need to put effort into improving your vocal skills. Take Voice Lessons via the Activities menu when you first get to schooling. You can take these by going to the Mind & Body tab and scrolling down and clicking on Voice. Your parents will often pay for these lessons if you’re lucky. Keep practicing each time you age up to raise your vocal skill. At the same time, you want to keep your Looks up. Exercise and take on extra-curricular activities when you can. Looks and your Voice skill are key to getting a record deal.

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Now that you got into a record deal, it’s time to put the work in. Becoming a famous rapper means you unlock the Fame menu, and that means your making it in the music industry. Just keep making Rap albums and keep getting sales. You will eventually have to get lucky and have two platinum albums but this will take some work. There’s no guaranteed way to force it, so you just have to keep trying. Keep your fame meter maxed out and it should happen at some point.

Bathing Cats

Bathing cats is the easy part. Go into the Activities menu and select Pets. Choose Cat Breeders and adopt two cats. Then, go in the Relationships menu and tap on each cat. There will be a bathe option there. Do that for both pets to knock this part of the WAP challenge out.

There, you have now completed the WAP Challenge in BitLife.

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