How to complete the Void Feast Bounty in Destiny 2’s Guardian Games

Void Feast Bounty in Destiny 2

The Void Feast Bounty in Destiny 2 is one of many different new and returning bounties in the game brought back by the releases of the Guardian Games. And in their quest to prove who is the best Guardian, players want to complete these bounties. As many users in the game compete to collect Medals and Laurels to prove who the best class is, they’re going to be taking on various bounties.

The Void Feast Bounty in Destiny 2 is a particularly weird and obtuse one though, so here’s a guide on how to complete it. Start by heading to Eva in the Tower and checking here available tasks. One of the Bounties, Void Feast, is a rather nasty bugger that’s disrupting Guardian efforts across the system.

The description gives you a clue about how to complete the bounty, “As a Voidwalker using Attunement of Hunger, defeat enemies with Devour in streaks of 10 or more.” The issue is that the Devour skill is that it makes this a rather difficult bounty to complete.

The best way to complete this is probably to target weaker enemies, which makes Devour a bit more effective. To use the Devour proc, you need to kill an enemy with the melee kill that activates when you use Devour. This means the enemy either has to be killed by the attack in one shot, or close to death when hit by it. This means that setting up the charge time and timing the Devour takes some serious effort.

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The Warlock’s Void setup is obviously also the other component, but you will need to reach that point anyway to make Devour work.

You can make the whole thing a bit easier. Using the Monte Carlo Exotic Auto Rifle will allow you to reduce your cooldowns a bit, speeding up the Devour attacks. Another option is to use the Claws of Ahamkara Exotic will get you an extra melee charge.

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