How to complete the Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife

Complete the Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife

For a mobile life sim, the complexity and variety of CandyWriter’s BitLife is always more surprising. A big part of that is the weekly challenges that the developer drops each week. These are often used to introduce players to new features, or maybe to just have a bit of fun. They’re also used to bring in tie-ins with popular fiction properties as well, as was the case with the Dark Knight challenge.

Last week this challenge was all about being a famous author. This week we’re getting into more catty and petty territory. The Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife is all about being a teenage girl, in the worst possible way. You need to channel Lindsay Lohan’s terrible character and make a lot of fugly enemies in the new Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife. Here’s what you need to complete the new challenge.

How to complete the Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife

Here are the basics of completing this challenge:

Being female is the easy part. Just choose that option and it’s time to begin. You will want to focus on a few things early in life. Check out your stats, and keep an eye on your Health and Looks stats. These will be very important later. While you’re still in Elementary School, focus on getting those two stats up any ways you can.

When you get into Middle School, you will enact the second step, getting into the Mean Girls clique. This is where those stats become important, as does one other item. You need to track your Popularity and get it as high as possible. Get those stats high—mostly by joining clubs and being social—and joining cheerleading and other sports will help a lot. Eventually, check the Cliques listing under Relationships and you will see the option to join the Mean Girls clique. You can also get in by befriending members of that clique.

While you’re doing this, keep talking to as many people as possible., You will want as many friends as you can get for the later steps.

For a more detailed rundown of how to do this, check out our guide.

Friends, Rumors and Insults

Once you’re in the clique, it’s time to channel the negative part and become a really nasty person.

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This is where all those friends you made throughout your early years in life can help out. The more people you know, the more people you can talk to and get rumors and friendships going with. You need to make 10 friends to start and get through the next step of the Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife. Keep talking to people and complementing them, that’s always helpful for making friends. Keep an eye on the Relationships tab to check your progress. Once you have 10 friends listed, you can move on to the next phase.

Now you need to start as many rumors as you can. You will have to keep talking to people, and increasing their relationship with you, eventually, you will get a prompt for a rumor to get started via a random event. The event is random, so you need to get lucky. For a more detailed rundown of how to do this, check out our guide.

Once you have a raft of broken friendships and a pile of rumors, you need to finish burning all the bridges. Those 10 friends you made in an earlier stage need to be turned into enemies. Do this quickly by insulting them repeatedly via the Relationships tab. You could also make them jealous by spending time with their partners and causing rumors to spread about them. Sometimes random events can trigger that will even cause their partners to cheat with you. That’s a fast path to making 10 enemies from pals.

Now you just need to wrap things up by insulting a bunch of classmates. Chances are you have been aging up a bit and are in High School by this point. You might also have some friends and enemies galore, although more enemies than anything if everything went well with the Mean Girls challenge.

When you want to insult someone, head to the School tab from the main menu and click on a classmate, look in the Interactions menu when you click on them. Insult 10 different folks to finish up.

There you go, you’re done with all the steps to complete the Mean Girls Challenge in BitLife.

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