How to complete the Lion Tamer Achievement in BitLife

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There are many in-game achievements in BitLife. The Lion Tamer achievement is one of the most difficult achievements to get. Players have to often rely on random events for this task, and the achievement relies on a very rare one. Here are the basics of getting the Lion Tamer Achievement in BitLife.

Start by creating a character in Monaco, Ethopia, or any other central African nation. This will be explained later. You will need to then go on walks a lot. Go into the Mind & Body tab under Activities and look for the Walk option.  Go for walks until you get the right event to fire. That’s really it, but it takes a ton of luck to get. You need to encounter a lion on these walks. When you encounter the lion, you will have a few different things that can happen. You need to get the option to rescue the lion to get the achievement.

Some tips for finding lions

The crux of the Lion Tamer Achievement in BitLife is encountering a randomly spawned lion event. One of the problems with completing this whole thing is how rare the event is. The chance of finding a lion to rescue in BitLife is extremely low. The best chance to get the random encounter is to just encounter a lion out in the wild. It seems as though the game tilts your odds based on where your character is.

You wouldn’t find a random wild lion in the streets of New York City, for example. Some players have pointed out that locales like Monaco and certain African countries have a higher chance of getting the event to fire.

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The game also tilts the event spawns based on how active your character is. There’s another achievement called the Lazy achievement, that relies on gaming this system. In essence, if you’re playing the game by just aging up every year without doing anything else, you get more random events. Players can abuse this to try and get the lion spawn if they want.

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