How to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife

Now that a new challenge has arrived in BitLife, it’s time to get busy. OK, bad pun. The challenge in BitLife this week is a lot less wholesome compared to last week. Instead of doing sweet things for your mom like buying her a house, you’re getting down and dirty with a bunch of random people. This new task is all about having kids in the least sane way possible. Here’s how to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife

This is a pretty straightforward challenge, but it still won’t be easy.

  • Have lovers from 5 or more countries.
  • Give birth to three or more children, all in different countries.
  • Engage in 3 or more threesomes.
  • Contract 3 or more different sexually transmitted diseases.

You don’t need to be choosy when picking your gender, as each step of the Get Around Challenge in BitLife can be done with any option. You just need to have a good job for starters. You will need to be moving around a lot and raising a bunch of kids, so having tons of cash on hand is helpful. You’re going to go on a globetrotting sex adventure, so get ready.

For starters, you need to be able to pick up lovers from at least five different countries. That means you need to fly around to different countries and find multiple people to sleep with. If you can get into the Porn Actor career, this might be a good move, as it means that you can get to travel and get laid. Once you have found someone to knock boots with in one country, head to another place and do it again. You’re going to be doing a lot of Love and Travel from the Activities tab. The countries you choose largely don’t matter, so just keep at it.

Now you need to bear three children. You once again have to use the Love activity and do the same thing you have been doing. Keep having unprotected sex and then wait a few aging up cycles. If a kid appears, you’re good to move on. If you get lucky, you can knock out two parts of this challenge in one go, but you have to hope for a random chance to go your way.

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If you paid attention when choosing sexual partners, you will note on their stats page that they have a crazy meter. That’s actually a good thing for the Get Around Challenge in BitLife. Since you need to have three or more threesomes, crazy people are your friends. These are the people that are more likely to allow you to have a threesome with them.

The best way to convince your partner to engage in a threesome with you, and another person, is to ensure that they have a crazy meter. When you find someone that has that, it’s time to proposition them. You need to seduce them and get them to start dating you. You can then go into the Love menu and propose a threesome to them. The higher their meter, the more likely it will work out. or the Get Around Challenge, you only have to do this three times, so it’s not too hard.

Yes, you do need to get multiple STIs. It’s a really weird turn to this whole challenge. You will need to just keep having unprotected sex. This is only advice for a video game, don’t actually do this with random people. It’s a random chance that each person you sleep with will have an STI. You just have to hope you get unlucky enough to have it happen when you’re trying to get around. Keep in mind that doing this last is usually the best way to go about the challenge, as some partners won’t sleep with you if you an illness.

There, you have now completed the Get Around Challenge in BitLife.

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