How to Complete the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife

Complete the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife

Part of the new weekly challenge in BitLife this week is to be pretty cruel to your progeny. You need to be a very unstable and useless father, which is eerily similar to the challenge from last week. Continuing with the trend from last week’s challenge, the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife is borrowing a lot of the same themes. This time, you’re going to be a very poor father, rather than a terrible mom. Here are the steps.

How to Complete the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife

This is a rather complex challenge with a lot of steps. Here is how to complete the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife:

Now, here’s how to complete each step.

Become a father

This one is very easy. you just need to have a kid. Get through school and build a relationship with the first woman you get the opportunity to. Have a child with her are soon as possible. You can abandon the echild pretty quickly as well, to help speed up the challenge. You need to become a father twice, and then abandon both kids, so be prepared to put in some work.

Never have a full-time job

Although since you’re putting in all this work losing track of kids, who has time for a normal job? You’re going to be working gigs and part-time jobs for the rest of time. The only real reason you need money is to fuel the gambling habit you’re about to develop in game. And you also need to buy a cheap house, so be prepared to make a little bit of cash. The key here is to never work 40 hours per week or more.

Use the Occupation tab to set your schedule, and work less than 30 hours, keep it that way. Another option is to use freelance gigs, but these pay even less and are much more tedious to manage, I really don’t recommend them for this challenge.

Abandon 2+ children from different women

Use the same technique from the last challenge. You need to abandon all your kids, so try to just have two to make this easier. After that, you need to abandon each and every kid. This is easy since you’re probably not married. You can abandon a child by click on their profile and picking the option to abandon them.

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Have your home repossessed

This is where it was a good idea to save your money. Losing all your money to gambling can make this step much harder. And since you can complete them in any order, it’s better to buy the home first, then work on getting it repossessed. You need to have enough money for a downpayment, so at least $10,000 saved up. Go to the real estate menu under Assets and look for the cheapest home. You can buy it by putting in for a bank loan.

Now you need to lose money and get that new house taken back. Go into Assets, and look at your finances by tapping on that home you bought. The upkeep on your home is the best thing to look at. Make sure it’s putting you into a negative bank balance to get this part checked off. This means you aren’t paying your mortgage, and the bank will repo your house.

Gamble away a lot of money

Now comes the hard part. You are going to need to lose a lot of money gambling. You can do it via any in-game means. Horse racing is usually best for this thanks to the large bets you can throw down. Keep going into the Activities tab and picking Casino or Horse Racing. Throw away thousands of dollars doing this, just keep losing until you complete this phase of the Deadbeat Dad Challenge in BitLife.

Reconnect with an estranged child

The only way you can reconnect with an estranged child is if you abandon them; that makes this option available for use. They will still be listed in the Relationships tab, so check on them after aging up a few times. A few years has passed and maybe they have gotten over all these issues you caused them. If they have, you will want to try giving them gifts to try and improve their opinion of you. If it starts to go up, it’s time to reconnect. Go into the Relationships tab, choose a child you abandoned, and select the reconnect option from the menu.

That’s how to complete the Deadbeat Dad challenge in BitLife.

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