How to complete the Can’t Catch Me Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Can’t Catch Me Challenge in BitLife

With the release of the new Movie Star content, BitLife fans are having a heck of a weekend. This new content focuses on being a wealthy and famous actor, but that’s far from the only thing you can do. You could choose a stable and legal life as a pilot or doctor, but where’s the fun in that? You’re taking on a life of crime this weekend, as you need to rob tons of banks in BitLife. That’s not all though, so keep on reading to learn how to complete the Can’t Catch Me Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the Can’t Catch Me Challenge in BitLife

  • Change your name 5+ times
  • Emigrate 5+ times
  • Embezzle $100,000
  • Rob $50,000 from banks
  • Successfully run from the police 2+ times

You should really do these steps in the order listed above, that will make things easier. Emigration is easy, in fact, it’s the easiest part of the challenge. You will need to change your name before doing this. Go into the Activities menu and select the Emigrate option on the new sub-menu. You can choose to go legally, which means you will have to pay a fee and be subject to approval. But if you’re a felon who’s been robbing banks this whole time, you may have to go the illegal route. This does come with a higher risk of being caught, but it’s simpler and doesn’t require the wait time for approval.

Another simple task is to change your character name.  You can change your character’s name at any time under the Identity tab. Click that under the Mind & Body tab, then change your name.

Robbing a bank in BitLife is a simple process, but you need to steal a total of $50,000 for the sake of the challenge this week. To rob a bank in BitLife, you will first need to head to the Activities and then Crime section. There will be a variety of options here that you can choose from. Select the Bank Robbery option. You will then be presented with a series of options to pick from for the heist. You need to case the bank, weapon, disguise, and plan your getaway. The selections you make here will be vital in determining your success. But sadly, there does seem to be some element of randomness.

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You need to be able to getaway from the cops during the robbery, which relies on picking a good getaway vehicle. Planning a solid heist will increase the odds you can get away much more than just gunning it without much thought. You could also choose to escape from the police before committing bank robberies and other crimes. Do this by committing smaller crimes, like Grand Theft Auto, in the Crimes tab. You need to rely on RNG for it to work, but if you get caught the penalty is lighter than robbing banks.

You need to embezzle $100,000 to complete this part of the challenge. Go into the Activities tab, then choose Crimes, scroll until you see the Embezzle option. From there, you need to hope you don’t get caught. You get to pick how much money you wish to take and what manner you wish to use, and it’s up to you. It’s best to do a few embezzlements over time, rather than one large sum. Since you need to gain so much money, there’s no harm in taking a few years to do this step.

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