How to complete The Abducted Blacksmith side quest in Weird West

Weird West

Wild West being a very much shooter-focused game, there are a lot of guns you’re going to be messing around with. Devolver loves their weird games, so the title is pretty fitting too. Your adventures in the various wastes and deserts of the new setting shooting through various encounters are tons of fun. The dark fantasy tones and humor blended with western ideals is a great fusion. Players have to hunt around for various hidden items, random encounters and side quests. One of the first things you’re going to do is help find the Abducted Blacksmith in Crackle.

The Abducted Blacksmith side quest is a pretty cool thing to do on your first part of the story. The player lands in Crackle, hunting their lost husband, and they find a town ravaged and filled with corpses. Raiders and slavers have struck here too, and you’re trying to help clean up the mess. You will find a distraught lady by the entrance to the town with a quest marker over her head. You will need to speak with her to accept the quest.

How to complete The Abducted Blacksmith side quest in Weird West

This isn’t an easy quest, but has a powerful reward. It’s a good idea to go hunting for more ammo first. You’re going to be taking on more than a dozen enemies during this quest, so bring a good supply of pistol and rifle ammo will be vital. It’s also a good idea to complete a few bounties and earn some cash. You can use that to recruit a follower if you have the cash. But be careful not to go broke, as you still need ammo and healing items.

When you get to the camp, go around the side, and not through the main gate. You can sneak in and ambush a few of the guards on the top level. Take them out using the explosive barrels and other tricks as fast as you can. Now, it’s time to find the key to the prisoner’s cage. Look in the houses for a trap door, leading underground. Once you head down here, clear out the various enemies.

You can find this Prisoner Cage Key at the end of this zone. Follow the paths around the underground area until you reach a dead end with a raised platform. There’s a table at the back of the room with the key on it. Grab the key. Once you get back topside, clear out any enemies left and then open the cage. The blacksmith will run off and return to Crackle.

The reward for doing this will be a two-star Copper Quill & Medley Spiritstouch pistol, which is a nice upgrade.

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