How to Complete Flopping by the Water in New Pokémon Snap

How to Complete Flopping by the Water in New Pokemon Snap

There are 214 new Pokémon in New Pokémon Snap, and you’re going to get hit with a bunch of requests called Lentalk Requests. These tasks require you to get into the various levels and find hidden pictures that you can take. These often involve a bunch of specific steps that you need to follow to set up the pic. For instance, one such example is the request Flopping by the Water in New Pokémon Snap. Here’s what you need to do for this challenge.

You will be focusing on Magikarp and Pidgeot in the opening Park level.

How to Complete Flopping by the Water in New Pokémon Snap

  • Enter Florio Nature Park (Day) on Research Level 3.
  • Get to the part with the water and Dodrio.
  • Toss a Fluffruit and make it hit Pidgeot while it’s sitting on the ledge.
  • Take the alternate route toward the dam.
  • Hit the flopping Magikarp with a Fluffruit (Apple).


You just need to take photos in the starter area to get Research Level 2. This will unlock the Fluffruit which you need to get first. Once you have that, go around and take more photos between the day and night cycle to get Research Level 3. That will unlock the next phase of the Flopping by the Water task. You will then need to go through the start of the Florio Park during the daytime until you see Pidgeot on the cliff face to your left. Once you see them, pop them in the face with a fruit. This will cause them to fly away.

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Once you do that, turn towards the side path leading to the dam with the Bidoof on it. If you look across the water and towards the opposite shore you will see Magikarp flopping in the shallow water. If you throw another bunch of apples at the Magikarp as the Pidgeot flies overhead, you can grab the correct picture. just time it as Pidgeot is grabbing the Water-type Pokémon. Just make sure to not zoom in to get the entirety of the two in the frame.

There, you’re all done.

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