How to complete Coup de Grace in Destiny 2

What to expect from the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid

The Destiny 2 weekly reset has just wrapped and there’s a new quest to take on and a new boss to fight. The new Taken boss has returned and seeks to turn the world upside down. To fight this new enemy the new campaign must begin, and Guardians must take the fight to the foes they now face. That means going into their realm. Use this guide to figure out how to fight the new Taken boss and complete the Coup de Grace in Destiny 2.

This is a multi-phase quest and it begins with speaking to Crow at Tangled Shore. They will give you a new quest once you are ready to begin. You need to head into the menu for the Cryptolith Lure and upgrade it with the  Improved Seeker II so you can begin. The new boss is another Lure combination added to the game. You’re after the lure combination to Hunt the Celebrant of Xivu Arath. You’ll need to be Rank 7 to purchase the item.

How to complete Coup de Grace in Destiny 2

After obtaining the Improved Seeker II and speaking with Spider you will trigger the hunt. it’s very much like the last Lure hunts. You will have to move away from the spawn and take out the boss. The Lure needs to be deployed at the Dreaming City and the hunt will begin. The fight itself takes multiple steps, starting with the Revenant Knight. Once you take that out, it’s time to move on. You will get the Wrathful buff and be able to hunt the actual boss called the High Celebrant.

From that first encounter, you need to head towards a giant black orb called the Taken Blight Orb. To destroy it, which is your objective, you need to defeat the final boss. When you get through the path into the boss arena, you will encounter various blood trails and other environmental signposts leading the way.

Inside the boss arena, you’ll need to locate the Tear, so continue along the path and follow the blood trail. Destroy the orb again to return to the Dreaming City. You’ll need to engage the High Celebrant once again and repeat the process in the Ascendant Plane. Continue tracking the boss until the Wrathborn Ogre spawns. Take it out and deploy the lure, at which point you’ll need to hop across a few invisible platforms toward the Ascendant Plane portal.

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You will need to locate the Tear that leads to the plane from this point. After the first run through and encounter with the orb, the Ogre should spawn. You’re going to be taken to the Ascendant Plane after you jump across some floating platforms. The first invisible platform is found on the right side of the bridge. Just keep jumping along to make it to the final boss.

The key to beating the boss is keeping the Wrathful buff up. Take out the floating green enemies around the boss to keep regenerating this. When you have the buff, attack the boss to deal damage to it.

Some things to know

There are a couple of bugs with the quest being reported by some users. It appears that the damage cap for the main boss of Coup de Grace in Destiny 2 is bugged. Trying to finish it off too quickly can cause the glitch to happen, and the quest will not be able to be finished. This often seems to happen if you shoot the boss around the Taken Orb when they first start talking. Slow down and wait to avoid the bug.

Also, there seems to be a second bug with some mobs in the game during the course of the quest. Some of the Taken Blights that spawn at various points seem to be immune to some damage types. When you encounter them in the Ascended Realm, try using your secondary weapon types against them if you find your main weapon not dealing any damage.

If you still can’t get into the mission or complete it because of these bugs, it’s possible a full restart via the Director can fix it. If not, you will have to wait for Bungie to patch the problems and then do the quest then. It’s very likely that Bungie patches this nonsense soon though.

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