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How to collect candy in Roblox Pet Simulator X

How to collect candy in Roblox Pet Simulator X

Halloween has officially taken over gaming this week. We’re days out from the sweet and horrifying holiday kicking off, and games are getting in on the candy and partying. You can collect candy in Roblox Pet Simulator X as part of the new Halloween update. Here are the methods you can use. It’s very simple, but it’s got a bunch of rewards for doing it.

The Halloween update has 13 new pets in it, as well as eggs to collect. There’s even a decorated plaza that has the event items all over it. The game’s maps have also been decked out with various stuff to celebrate the season. You can get to the Halloween Event Plaza by jumping into the big cannon in the Shop area of Spawn World. There’s a big sign denoting it as the Halloween event if you can’t find it.

Part of that event involves finding various packs of candy and turning them in. You can head to the event plaza to find and purchase various new eggs and pets for your account.

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Candy can be collected the same way that coins and other currency can—mostly be breaking crates and piles in the maps. The best way to get more candy is by hunting these down. Players can find chests all over in the various game worlds. The big chests found in places like the Volcano are a good source. For each bundle you crack open, you get some Halloween candy.

Candy can also be collected by farming the large jack-o-lanterns that randomly spawn around the game world. These are very hard to miss, as you need to just find the giant pumpkins. These huge pumpkins are meant to be ground down, so they have a ton of health. You will have to deal tons of damage to them to get candy, but you at least get a ton for your effort.

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