How to check stats and leaderboards in F1 2020

How to check stats and leaderboards in F1 2020

Bragging and boasting is a big part of video games. And that’s even more true when you’re talking about hardcore game fans. Whether it be in an FPS with a hyper-competitive multiplayer scene, or a gaggle of hyper-realistic sim racers, there’s always a desire to prove who is the best. And we’re not just talking about trash talk here. The ability to pull up your stats and admire a climb through the ranks is a worthwhile experience for many. And with the thorough stats and leaderboards in F1 2020, there’s lots of progress to be made.

F1 2020 feeds that need with a huge array of stats across many game modes. As you’re playing through singleplayer and multiplayer modes the game will track all of your finishes, lap times and other statistics to show how good of a driver you are. It does this for both ranked and unranked online play, as well as My Team and Career game modes too.

The problem is that all these stats are kind of buried in the menus. You need to head into the settings and look for the “Super License” option to find the driver stats menu for your profile. To get to the menu, here’s what to do.

To access the Super Licence, you need to be outside of a race session. You can be at the main menu, or in the downtime between races in My Team sessions. From there, you need to press the button corresponding to the profile. This means clicking in L3 on consoles, and it will open up a new menu with your profile in it.

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Now let’s talk about the Leaderboards, the place players will go to compare their progress to others online.

How to View Leaderboards

Viewing the Super Licence for your profile gives you a range of stats. Players can find their best races, best lap times by track however are buried within the Leaderboards. F1 2020 will hide the Leaderboards within a sub-menu for some reason, likely to reduce information overload on the Super License screen itself.

To get to the Leaderboards in F1 2020, you need to head to the track selection screen ahead of any race. It doesn’t matter what game mode you pick, just that you can change your track selection. Within that screen is a tab that lists the lap times by track for that mode. he fastest mode to get into to be able to check out the leaderboards is the Time Trial Mode. If you want to check a your Global Leaderboard standings, you just toggle between Solo and Global on the leaderboard tabs.

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