How to change weapons in Mortal Shell

How to change weapons in Mortal Shell

When getting into combat in Mortal Shell, you’re going to be taking parts of your enemies with them. And it’s not just their bodies that you’re overtaking, but also the items you find after fights, as well as in chests around the world. These items will be related to the item familiarity systems, but it will also be part of the overall combat system. The short version is, the more you use items the better you are at using them. And as you can change bodies, you might also want to change weapons in Mortal Shell.

The ability to change weapons in the game isn’t as intuitive as going into your inventory though, you need to unlock it. The weapons in the game work a bit differently compared to other items in the game. Rather than unlocking them as drops from bosses, players will uncover them at set points in the game’s story. There are four main weapons that can be unlocked in this manner.

Each weapon unlocks at a set point, so just play through the game and you will get them. Now when you want to change weapons in Mortal Shell, you need to head to the Sester Genessa Statue, which has an ancient tome nearby. Interact with the monument to unlock a combat challenge.

This challenge has the player taking on a mini-boss, Hadern, which is the same boss from the game’s opening tutorial. Defeat them in combat to unlock the next weapon and the ability to shift to it.

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From this point, you can swap between weapons in a few different ways. There are two ways to change weapons in Mortal Shell.

The easiest way to swap between both weapons and Shells is to head back to the Fallgrim Hub and interact once again with the Sester Genessa statue again. One of the options will be to swap between your various tools. To change weapons at Fallgrim Tower, head up to the statue and see what weapons are there. There are ways to find out if you have access to a weapon yet, and where to find one that you don’t. Visions, where the game hints at the location of a particular weapon, will be shown via this same menu once you reach a certain point in the game.

The second way to swap weapons involves heading into the temple areas in the game and choosing different weapons. Each temple will usually have one weapon to pick, and it will often be the one you unlocked in the nearby areas. Fr example, the abiility to instantly equip the Martyr’s Blade will be available after completing the Abandoned Chamber zone.

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