How to change villager jobs in Minecraft

How to change villager jobs in Minecraft

Villagers in Minecraft are a relatively new addition. These AI-controlled NPCs inhabit the various villages of your worlds, offering players a chance to trade and otherwise maintaining the villages they live in. These helpful friends will take on building, smithing, farming and many other tasks to ensure the village is well cared for. Villager jobs in Minecraft are all unique, but really easy to manage, here’s how to change these jobs.

And with the Villagers and Pillagers update, Mojang made NPCs and villages much more interesting. The update added a bunch of new NPC types and an entire progression system for the villages. Players also have more control over these areas with some new customization options. So while you don’t normally have full creative control over villages, some things can be changed. And yes, you can force a villager to leave their current profession and take on a new job with just a few simple steps.

Which Minecraft villagers can switch professions?

Some Villagers cannot work in any profession at all. Nitwit villagers can’t acquire a profession at all. You’ll know these villagers by their green robes. So any NPCs wearing these distinctive robes are basically useless. There are other restrictions on Villagers in Minecraft to be aware of as well. For example, kids can’t take on jobs at all either. It’s also only possible to swap Villager jobs in Minecraft that you have not yet traded with. For example, if you have a Farmer in your village and you’ve already traded for some seeds, there’s no way to make them any other job.

How to switch Minecraft villagers’ professions

So assuming your target has not been disqualified by being a kid or Nitwit, they are good to go. All Villager jobs in Minecraft have a job site and block attached to it. So for example, a villager assigned to be an Armorer will use a Blast Furnace. Librarians will make use of a Lectern. The job site block is located somewhere in the bounds of the village, destroy it an move on to the next step.

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To swap their job, you then need to remake a job site block for the new target profession. Each Villager also has unique visuals that denote their progression, so keep an eye out for the ones that have the same garb as your target. Destroying the job block will cause any Villagers assigned with that job within visual range of the old block to search out a new job.

Once you have removed the old block, place a new one in the same place or close nearby. Any Villagers with no job assigned in range will look out for the block and interact with it. Only one villager can claim each job site block. You can try to fence villagers in to prevent all of them from swapping though, it just takes time.

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