How to change the weather in Microsoft Flight Simulator

What is the release date for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

To change the weather in Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can do it pretty easily. By default, the game uses a Live weather option that pegs the weather to real-time data in the real world. Players will get to experience the weather outside their planes as they exist at the real equivalents of the airports they’re flying from. The overall system is designed to work alongside the other real-time data being used in the game.

Players playing in either the singleplayer mode, or the online multiplayer, will get to experience both the real-time weather and the flight data. Both of these are piped into the game by the developers to aid immersion in the game. And yes, you can change the weather in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to change the weather in Microsoft Flight Simulator

To turn off the weather in Microsoft Flight Simulator, just go into the settings menu and scroll to the weather tab. From there you can alter the various settings relating to weather in the game. These settings include the type of weather patterns, time, and seasonal elements. There’s a ton of settings in the menu, and you can tweak them all. You can set cloud coverage at various altitudes, the time of day, day of the year, temperature and precipitation levels, as well as the likelihood of lighting or other weather effects. You might also want to affect the spread of cloud layers or cloud types as well.

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These are all really useful if you’re the type of gamer who likes taking videos or still images of their time in games. And with all the options and high-end graphics in this game, it might be the perfect candidate for doing just that.

If you do turn the live updates off, the game will default to the local settings you have set within the game. The weather in the game will change, but it won’t be updated with the live systems. The game normally updates the flight and weather data in real-time as part of natural changes, but that won’t happen if you turn the setting off.

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