How to change car setups in NASCAR 21: Ignition

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NASCAR 21: Ignition explodes onto the racing sim scene today. Here’s some helpful tips for managing the car and other functions of racing. There’s a lot to this game. The roster of tracks has been rendered pretty faithfully, and the cars are very physics-heavy in terms of simulation impact. but it’s not just that. Many of the drivers have been added to the game as well. The game has a lot going on. The core focus of this launch seems to be hardcore sim-focused fans. With the intense physics at play, competition is fierce, and folks want to have fun. There’s a lot more to just seeing the track around you as well.

To do this, you will need to go into the Datapad before entering the track for any race or practice session. Scroll to the Car Setup option. there are a total of five options for this setting. For this game, you do not have the option to create a custom setup, so you’re stuck with the presets.

Here are the current presets for car setups in NASCAR 21: Ignition:

  • Tight – The harshest of the settings, very tight turns and control.
  • Mid – Cars turn faster as the front tires lose traction first, expect a bit of sliding.
  • Stable – A mid-range setting that offers a relatively tight turning style and very responsive control.
  • Looser – A much wider turn overall, as the tail of the car will slide out a lot more.
  • Loose – The loosest possible preset. Offers a wider turn angle and much more sliding.
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Knowing how to control your car is important too. Knowing how to change gears is important. You can also change the camera angles to get a better view of the tracks.

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