How to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars

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When you go into matchmaking in Destruction AllStars, you get to play with players from all over your different regions. You can play against drivers from all over the globe, but first you have to sit through a loading queue. The game’s servers have to match you to players from your region to play against. But let’s say that you want to stop playing and go do something else. How do you cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars?

How to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars

it’s actually very simple, and the game should explain it to you. When you want to drop out of a matchmaking queue, just need to press the right button. And no, going back to the main menu by pressing Circle won’t do it. You will remain in the queue and be loaded into the game if you do that.

To cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars you need to press and hold R3. When you click in the right analog stick and hold it, you will be dropped from the current matchmaking queue. There would normally be a tooltip that explains this when in a matchmaking lobby, but it appears that some versions of the game are bugged. And even though the prompt should be clear, it isn’t thanks to the bug.

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So yeah, just hold R3 to cancel matchmaking in Destruction AllStars.

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