How to buy your Best Friend Bitizenship in BitLife

How to complete the BitLife Birthday Challenge in BitLife

BitLife has a brand new challenge for players to complete called the BitLife Birthday Challenge, and it’s a weird one. Part of the tasks this week involves getting a best friend in BitLife. You then need to gift that same Best Friend Bitizenship. This is a special status in the game’s universe, and is a mark of love and respect. After you have put in the arduous work of getting a Best Friend, you want to finish up the new weekly challenge, and here’s how.

How to buy your Best Friend Bitizenship in BitLife

Once you have a best friend, which means you need to get the friend to 100% relationship and have the event fire. Once you have a best friend, you can move on with this process. Just make sure to keep that best friend as close to 100% relationship as possible. After you’re through with the friend part, it’s time to get the Bitizenship for them.

You need to have a senior job at BitLife first, so we need to focus on that. You will need a Computer Science degree from university first, so get that done before anything else. Having high Smarts is very important for all of this, so do well in school and get that degree.

When you’ve finished up your education and can move onto the job hunt, look for a certain role. When your character graduates and receives a degree, you need to move to Miami, Florida, and look for the Jr. App Developer job posted by BitLife. You can also be born in Miami to skip the move. Once there, you can use the Occupations tab to check this out. When hunting, make sure to click the job offering and check that it’s offered by BitLife.

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Now, you can abuse that position to gift your Best Friend Bitizenship in BitLife. Go into the Relationships tab and click on your Best Friend.

From there, you can finish the BitLife Birthday Challenge in BitLife.

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