How to break open the hardened ore patch in Everspace 2

How to break open the hardened ore patch in Everspace 2

There’s a special challenge mission in Everspace 2 that seems to be confusing some players. It’s simple once you know what to do, but there’s some people a bit lost. There’s a mission to break open a hardened ore patch in Everspace 2, here’s where you need to look.

You will find this mission partway into the game’s early stages. Be careful though, as there may be hostile NPCs about. But it’s not too hard to dodge them. Now you just need to find your goal. The Nephtys Plains is where you’re headed to find this cache of rare minerals. Here’s how to break open the hardened ore patch.

Look around the mission area for the massive mining laser drilling into the asteroid. The asteroid already has explosive charges planted all over it, you just need to blow them up. To do so, you need to arm them all. These are daisy-chained, so arming one will start a five-second time, and you have that long to arm the next one. You need to be quick, as failing to arm all the timers will fail the mission and force you to begin it again.

Once you have armed the charges and blown the asteroid to bits, the laser will now be shooting off into space. You need to redirect the laser to have it hit the ore patch, that way you can break it up. Once you do that, you can get the prize inside and complete the mission. There’s a floating golden reflecting panel nearby that’s perfect for this. Fly around the first beam toward the second one in the distance to find the panel. Fly over and pick up the reflecting panel.

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Position your craft ahead of the beam and use that panel to bridge between the beam and yourself. This will redirect the beam and fire it into the hardened ore patch. It takes some fancy flying to get right, but can be done if you move slowly and carefully.

There, you’re done and have managed to break open the hardened ore patch in Everspace 2.

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