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You can do a lot of things in BitLife. You could become a famous rapper or a shiftless layabout. Either way, a ton of fun can be had in this digital life sim. There’s already a ton of things that you can do for free, but the developers have to keep the lights on. So that means there are also mountains of different paid addons for the game which add new careers. Players can speed up character creation, add new shopping options and even complete old Challenges with various paid addons. For this guide, though, we’ll be focusing on a special career you can take. Keep reading to learn how to become President in BitLife.

How to become President in BitLife

The first hurdle to actually getting to the office of President in BitLife is that it’s a paid feature. To unlock the full gamut of political offices, you will need to pay for the game’s premium service for $4.99 and become a Bitizen. Once that’s done the relevant special career will be unlocked for your account.

By default, you can run for low-level political office, such as school boards. The way the process works is that you choose to run for office via the Occupations tab. Click the Special Careers button, then choose Politician. You will have four levels of options. There will be options for School Board Director, Mayor of your town, Governor of your state/province, and President/Prime Minister. Each level requires a higher level of education, as well as political experience. So if you want to run for Mayor, you need to have at least tried to run for School Board director. Having held the lower-level offices for at least one term will make ascending to higher office a bit easier.

Another way to make the process of becoming President in BitLife easier is to have high stats. Looks and Mind stats are key here, as you will do better in office and while campaigning. So make your character with high Looks and Smarts first, then get focused on your education.

You need to gain a decent University education to even have a chance at political office in this game, so get there first. Focus on your education and study hard, trying to get the best grades possible. Continue this until high school graduation, and once completed, you can either go into politics immediately at entry level or head to University to aim for a degree. Working up towards political office is the more expensive, and potentially faster option. But you aren’t guaranteed success.

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Gaining First Office

After this, completing Business School or becoming a lawyer can help a lot with getting into office. It seems the game weights your success in runs for any office based on the combination of career experience and skills. The higher the office, the more stringent the requirements. When you finally have the prep work done, it’s time to run for office. Start with either Mayor or School Board Director. You will be asked to commit some of your own fortune to running for this office. Keep in mind that throwing millions into a campaign won’t guarantee success, but investing a bit can help. Commit something like $100,000 to a School Board run, and maybe $500,000+ to a Mayor run, and with your previous experience you should do OK.

Progressing to the Presidency

Once you’ve completed your first successful run, focus on running your new post well. Commit to goals and complete them. You may also get random events from time to time, be sure to respond to those in ways that are consistent with the goals you campaigned on. This way, people will be happy with your service. Once you’ve served a term or two, you will be asked if you want to run for re-election. You could opt to stop here, or you could decline and instead pursue the presidential position. Repeat the process of campaigning well, and dumping money into the problem, until you win.

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