How To Become An Accountant in BitLife

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BitLife is a digital life sim that lays out infinite paths ahead of the player. The game includes a few advanced careers that require you to put effort into getting an advanced degree. You will need to complete these to get into higher-paying careers, like being a CEO or Doctor. You will need to get through the basics of schooling, and then earn your way into University. This can be done via either a scholarship or paid for directly. The added cost of getting into University means that many players will want to take this route.

You need relatively high stats in the Smarts category to do well. Getting high smarts is usually best done by visiting the library every time you age up. This will help you throughout life get through school, and get a good job, such as being an Accountant in BitLife. These career paths are often tied to various career achievements. Keep reading to learn the exact steps you need to take.

How To Become An Accountant in BitLife

Getting into University will require either a scholarship or getting your parents to pay off your student debt. This can be pretty hard if you don’t focus enough on your studies early in life. Make sure to check your School rating in Education when you’re in grade school.  As you get older, keep focusing on your studies. Once you graduate high school. it’s time to start pursuing higher education.

Once you get into university, you need to pick a major. For this achievement, you need to study Finance. Once you spend four years in University, you should be good to go. Once you graduate, you have the option to continue your education again. At around the age of 22, the character will graduate from the university, and moves on to looking for work.  For this achievement, you can choose to jump right into the workforce. This is where the grind comes in. Select Occupation and then choose Careers, pick Jr. Accountant from the list of options.

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Like all other jobs in the game, being an Accountant in BitLife means you have to start at the bottom of the ladder. Getting the job is the easy part. You start off as a Jr. Accountant and must earn that promotion and increased salary. You need to then continue working as an accountant for 20 years unlock the Career achievement for this path.

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