How to become Alpha in DogLife


The simulation of human lives in BitLife is tons of fun. You can get into all kinds of hijinks. But sometimes it’s a bit too much. DogLife is a very new game, which simplifies it all. You can get into the role of a cat or dog and live out their lives instead. So if you ever wanted to be a furry friend to some family, here’s your chance.

Of course, you don’t have to be domesticated. You can also run with a pack of wild dogs. You can even become an Alpha in DogLife. Now granted, the Alpha dog concept is something that’s not actually born out in wild wolf or dog packs, but it’s still seen here, because that’s what the developers wanted in their joke game.

To become alpha in DogLife, you will need to raise your respect bar with each puppy and dog you know. As you do various actions, your respect bars will fill. When they get full, the dogs may make you the alpha. It seems to be that the goal here is to be the most aggressive. Again, this is not normal dog behavior, but it’s just a game.

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The best way to become alpha in DogLife is by getting into fights and mating with other dogs frequently. Be careful trying to do this too much as a domestic animal, as you will likely get put out into the street. So weigh the risks. If you’re a shelter dog and start attacking others, the shelter may put your down.

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