How to become a Television Star in BitLife

BitLife Movie Star Update

The BitLife Movie Star update is here. It comes to us in the form of the Job Actor Pack, a paid upgrade. The new content adds a bunch of new jobs and other features to the game, centering around getting big in Hollywood. With the release of the Movie Star update in BitLife, you’ll have the option to grab the Actor Job Pack or the Boss Mode update. If you bought the God Mode addon or the Boss Mode content,  you should have access to it. You can become an actor, take on a Talent Agent, or just build your personal fame. The goal is to become either a TV or movie star, but you can take your own path to get there.

You have two options, either movies or TV, but for this guide we’re going to focus on the latter. In BitLife, TV shows are filmed in blocks each year. So they will film an entire season each time you age up. Every time this happens, you get paid your per-episode rate. The quality of your performance and some other factors affect the overall outcome. If critics like the show and it’s popular, it’s probably going to get renewed for another season. To help increase the chances of your career continuing to grow, keep reading to learn how to become a Television Star in BitLife.

How to become a Television Star in BitLife

You need to start cultivating your Talent young by taking Acting Lessons at eight years old, and keep doing it each year. The lessons will cost $3,000 once you hit 18, so keep that in mind. Then, start using the Mind & Body menu to go on walks and work out at the gym. You need to have fairly high Looks stats to get auditions. Next, get an agent once you can afford it. This will cost $1,500. Use the Actor job to take a few roles as an extra to make some basic cash when you first hit adulthood, this should give you enough cash to get started. Another thing you should do is take a few low-end movie roles. Taking some low-quality scripts as your first roles can be a huge help.

The best way to break into TV acting though, is to take a big lead film role right before switching to TV. Getting a single good Script Quality role under your belt can be a huge boon to future auditions and your rep.

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Auditioning for Roles

You have two options for when you want to audition for roles in BitLife. The easiest one is just to try and find roles yourself. Click Occupation, then Special Careers, and the Actor job. From here, choose from either a TV or Movie role. The game will give you a bunch of options for roles to audition for. From there, you just have to hope you do well. The other option for finding roles is to let your agent handle it.

This guide assumes you will be picking the Television role option. The biggest concern here is the Popularity of the show. The more popular the show, the bigger the budget. It will also help you grow your Reputation as an actor by getting into big-ticket roles. When picking roles, be sure to read the character that the role expects. There’s a listing at the bottom that says “Your Fit“, this shows how well you fit into the role physically. Ideally, you want this as high as possible, and have the show with high Popularity.

How to become a Television Star in BitLife

The biggest thing you need to worry about here is using the Practice and Develop Character options under the Jobs tab for your role. These will help you fill up the Performance meter. Maxing that out will have a good impact on your career, and likely push up the popularity of the show you’re on. It also helps if you’re cast in a Lead Role.

If you do well, you could get paid $1 million per episode, and make tons of cash. The more popular the show, the higher the budget. This will also allow you to get your Fame built up, unlocking more opportunities like books and photo shoots. BitLife seems to base your acting Reputation off of your Fame, so keeping the latter high can help the former. And if you do really well, you could win the Bitcademy award.

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