How to become a stripper in BitLife

How to complete the Mike is Magical Challenge in BitLife

The week is over, and it’s time for the weekend to get into full swing. That means gamers all across the globe are hopping in to get things done. This week, BitLife has another new challenge on deck. BitLife has another movie-inspired one on tap this week as well. The new challenge this week is a pretty wild one. Taming the Magic Mike energy is a lot easier said than done, but that’s your goal for the week.

How to become a stripper in BitLife

Like any main job in this game, the outcomes are randomized as to what jobs you get. Since one of the steps this week is to become a stripper in BitLife, you need to know what to do. Keep reading to figure this all out.

Once you’ve made your character in Tampa, Florida, it’s time to work on getting a job. Get through High School, and make sure to visit the doctor and the Gym often via the Mind & Body tab. You will want high Health and Looks stats for this to work.

To become a stripper, go into the Jobs tab and find the Exotic Dancer job, it will be near the bottom. It wl be listed as a Strip Club job with a peach icon. If you can’t get it to show up, reset the app and try again. You could also try and age up to see if that resets the job for the one you need. To get the job, you should have high Looks and Health stats, as they will help with getting the job. You also want to be pretty young when dong this, as older characters won’t get interviews. if you’re getting denied, raise your stats. You can do this by making healthy habits, such as walking, working out, having a good diet out of high school, and then going to the barber shop.

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