How to become a housekeeper in BitLife

Sinderella Challenge in BitLife Guide

CandyWriter has made a pretty compelling little game. Their mobile life sim is a huge collection of different tasks and random events. And every week, the game will drop a unique challenge. BitLife has plenty of other unique tasks on the docket each week.

With this new challenge, the Sinderella Challenge in BitLife will be a pretty big one. You need to get a certain job and complete various other tasks. One of them involves becoming a housekeeper in BitLife. The game requires you to get this unique job before you can move on. Here’s what to do to find that job.

How to get the housekeeper job

Becoming a housekeeper in BitLife can be difficult, as it relies on the aspect of RNG that runs through the game. The housekeeper occupation is a full-time job in BitLife. Therefore, you will need to look for it under the Occupations tab that lists such. You will want to scroll down and find the Housekeeper job.

Sometimes though, you won’t find it listed there. When you don’t find the job listed, you will need to refresh the jobs list. The list refreshes on certain triggers, and there are two common ones that players rely on. The most common way to age up. This causes time to advance forward 1 year, and then you can see a new list of occupations. There’s another way, which is most useful if you don’t want to pass time. You need to reset the overall app each time you want to refresh the list in this instance. Close out the app entirely and the reload it, that should trigger a refresh.

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