How to become a Godfather in BitLife

How to join the Mafia in BitLife

BitLife really is the ultimate life simulator. The mobile game will let you live out any number of digital lives with any number of different choices before you. The lives you live in this simulator are entirely up to you. If you want to become a criminal, you can do that. You could also become a cop and try to arrest these criminal scum. It’s really up to you, what you want to do.

For this guide, we’re going to layout how to get up in the ranks of the mafia. But you’re not content to just hang around the sidelines. You’re not even in it for the money or the bright light of fame, you’re in it for power. And there’s no greater power in the life of a criminal than calling the shots. You need to be careful and plan ahead, but you can do it, you could become a Godfather in BitLife. Keep reading to figure out which way is up in all this mess.

How to become a Mob Boss or Godfather in BitLife

The Mafia Update added a bunch of new jobs and variety to the events, including the ability to lead your own family. But you need to shut up and put the work in to get there. First, you need to join the Mafia in BitLife. This won’t be easy, and requires you to have a serious commitment to the life of crime. The task can take time, as you have to earn the reputation needed to prove yourself in the criminal underworld. Becoming a Godfather in BitLife won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible.

Once you’ve spent a few years committing crimes, you should be able to join the Mafia of your choice. Go into the Special Careers option under Job and pick the crime family that suits you. You will need to ask for membership, and if they say no, don’t push it. Wait a few years, do some more crimes, and ask again.

The goal is to make cash, so to earn notoriety with the mafia, you need to commit crimes. One of the fastest ways to get in with them is to just steal cars over and over. When you go into the Crime menu, choose Grand Theft Auto. Then, go after the cheapest car in the drop-down. Trying to steal supercars has a much higher chance of getting caught. When you get one, head into the Assets tab and select the car. Sell it and do so on the Black Market. Choose a price from the drop-down that’s as low as you can go to get it sold. Just keep making cash and you will eventually get into the gang. Once you’re in the gang, just keep doing your thing. As you make more cash, you will get the option to hand over money to the family in the Job menu. Do this whenever you can. Just click on the family name, and then offer to do crimes

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Once you’ve worked up the ranks to underboss, it’s time to put some real work in. To increase your reputation with your family, you need to earn. That means that the more cash you hand over to your family, the faster you get promoted. Watch out though, as you can get whacked if you’re not careful. Don’t draw too mcuh attention to yourself and try not to get caught. If the mafia suspects you of talking to the cops, you might be headed for a dirt nap. Do not ask for a promotion at any time, as it doesn’t seem ever to have a good outcome. Being seen as too greedy is another way to get whacked.

The Mob Boss of your family will occasionally show up in random events asking for favors, do these. Anytime someone with seniority in the organization asks something of you, make sure to get it done. Once you’ve spent a few decades doing this, you should eventually be the Godfather.

That’s it, you’re now living the good life as a Godfather in BitLife.

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