How to Become a Chemical Engineer in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

The newest BitLife challenge, the Jekyll & Hyde Challenge, has arrived! This week, players of the popular mobile game will be able to get your freak on and become a true mad scientist. The challenge sees players both becoming a brilliant scientist, and a murderous lunatic. the challenge tasks you with having over ten perfect relationships and committing three murders. You must also become a chemical engineer. That’s the focus of this guide. Keep reading to find out what to do.

How to Become a Chemical Engineer in BitLife

The task itself is pretty simple, it just relies on a bit of luck. You also need to be pretty good at academics. To become a Chemical Engineer, you want to increase your character’s smarts skill as high as possible. Get through school keeping your grades high and you could even get a scholarship.

You need to be fairly smart, so keep visiting the library and reading books via the Activities menu. Get through school and make it to University, from there, you can go into a Chemistry major. You need that to get the job you want. Once you’ve completed your four-year education at University, you will have your degree. From there, you must go job-hunting. You need to keep refreshing the jobs listing in Careers to find it.

You want to look for the one that strictly says their job title will be Engineer I, and they will become a Chemical Engineer after a few promotions. That’s the hardest part though, actually getting the job. Once you have it, work for a few years and maintain those 10+ relationships as best you can. Then you can get to the killing. Refer to the guide linked above for more on that.

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