How to become a CEO in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

If you want to climb up the corporate ladder in a digital life, mobile sim BitLife has that covered as well. Sure, you can do all kinds of things you wouldn’t normally do but why not suffer a bit of corporate drudgery as well? Here are the steps you need to take to become a CEO in BitLife. And with the new Dark Knight Challenge this week, you have to do it anyway.

How to become a CEO in BitLife

  1. Major in Business

    Go to Business school, and major in Finance or any other subject relating to Business. You will need very good grades for this to work. Keep those smarts up as you’re growing up. You will have to put in a lot of years in school as well. More on that below.

  2. Get a job in the Business sector

    By leveraging your degree and good grades, aim for a corporate job. Check the Occupations tab and find any job opening with “corporate” in it. That’s a potential path to being a CEO. Make sure to aim for something fitting your degree so you do well.

  3. Work that corp job for 15 years

    You will need to work this job for 15 years, yes really. That’s the only way you can earn the opportunity to advance into the executive roles within the company.

  4. Climb the corporate ladder to CEO

    After fifteen years of experience, you can get a job as Assistant vice president. From there, work your way up to Vice President, Executive Vice President, Managing Directly, and finally CEO. You will need to do this to complete the tasks, and it will take a while, but it’s worth it.

How to become a CEO in BItLife

As long as your health and smarts stay high, you should be fine. This will be very helpful in doing well in school and work. And with the money you earn, you can play hard too. A good way to keep health up is to work out at the gym or practice a martial art. Check the Mind & Body tab for that. Having high stats in these areas will really help when trying to get a scholarship, which you will need to pay for school. Also, be sure to play a sport and try for that scholarship through extra curricular activities in school.

To become a CEO in BitLife, you need to have a very good education. Keep studying and reading early in life to keep your Smarts up, and then move onto later education. Eventually, you will have the option to attend college. Age up and keep on those studies, then you will be given the option to go to Grad School. This is where the real work begins. Having earned that vaunted business degree, start looking for work.

Once you have become the corporate drone, it’s time to put in work. You will need to stick with the job you’ve chosen for at least 15 years. During that time you will want to focus on moving up into better-paying roles within the company. There are plenty of chances, so just work and age up when you can. Eventually, you will work your way into the VP role. Then comes the title of Executive VP and finally CEO.

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