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As many players know, Demonfall is largely based on, and inspired by, the popular anime and manga Demon Slayer, and with that setting, comes lots of demons. Many of the in-game bosses are demonic, and quite tough. Some of these can be very tough to clear. Players are having trouble with some of the tougher fights. This guide will try to help you with one of the more powerful ones, Kaigaku.

What is the Kaigaku boss in Roblox Demonfall?

The Kaigaku boss has been around for a bit, posing a major threat to players. This particular boss is effectively the current endgame raid. Players face him after having beaten the various Color Demons and Crystal Demon, and having done some serious adventuring. You should be able to reliably clear the other bosses to even get to Kaigaku.

Kaigaku is the Upper Moon 6th demon boss in Demonfall. He has a moveset that poses a great danger to unprepared players. Kaigaku’s actual spawn location is always random, but he consistently appears in either the Okuyia or Hayakawa village on a random timer. Usually once every 40 minutes, but sometimes he will take 2 hours to spawn in.

How to prepare

You will likely want to be fully healed and have 100% hunger before heading into this fight. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of food items to keep up your healing during the battle. Having a high HP max and a level 10 Breathing Style will help a lot with DPS from range. Getting close to Kaigaku is very dangerous.

You need a ton of HP to survive his attacks, so keep training until you can reliably defeat some of the other bosses. As for fighting him, you need to be ready to dodge. Always keep damaging him, never just stand there and let other fighters handle him. If you don;t damage the boss, you won’t get your rewards. This is where breath attacks become key, as you need to be able to dodge a lot.

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For some helpful practice before facing Kaigaku, we’d recommend re-facing off with Zenitsu as he has a similar move set to Kaigaku. Being able to beat this other boss is a good indicator of being able to handle this tougher fight. Kaigaku has a much higher health pool and does more damage, so this won’t be easy.

What are his attacks?

This Demonfall boss has some very lethal attacks. He uses a lot of breath weapons, so be prepared to block the ones that you can.

  • Dark Thunderclap and Flash – 13 – 14 Breathing damage (Breaks Guard
  • Dark Thunder Swarm – 6 Breathing damage per tick (Blockable)
  • Dark Six Roku – 60 – 100 damage (Blockable)
  • Dark Thunder Grab – 40 damage (Breaks Guard)
  • Limitless regeneration – Health Regeneration is much higher than normal for this boss.
  • Instant Execution – If you get downed, the boss will execute you in less than a second.

Rewards for beating the boss

Here’s what you can expect to get for beating him. Only players who actually helped in the fight get a share in the reward.

  • 8,000 EXP
  • Kaigaku Collar Cosmetic
  • Dark Thunder Essence (Used for crafting Kaigaku’s Katana if you have Thunder Breathing as a Hybrid).
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