How to beat Bols Carian Knight in Elden Ring

How to beat Bols Carian Knight in Elden Ring

There are a ton of both required and optional bosses in Elden Ring. You ned to beat some of them to finish the story. But still, there’s more to do once you overcome the required bosses. There are a bunch of optional bosses around the game world. The Bols Carian Knight is one of many optional bosses found within the game. He’s found within one of the Evergaols, optional boss arenas found in each zone. Cuckoo’s Evergaol will contain this boss, the Bols Carian Knight.

The strategy for ranged and melee fighters alike is largely the same. Watching his attack patterns to allow you to rush in for a few quick attacks is key. His swings are very easy to read due to how slow he moves. Keep an eye on the patterns listed below to overcome this boss.

How to beat Bols Carian Knight in Elden Ring

When you enter his Evergaol, you’re in for a fight. This big boy is a rather large undead, and he’s no pushover. This boss hits very hard, so you better be on point with your dodges. Success in the Bols encounter hinges on your ability to get behind him. He will leap into the air and slam down on you if you’re in front of him. This can one-shot weaker players, so watch out for the leap and roll away. That’s really the basis for fighting this boss, you need to be fast on your feet.

Here’s a quick overview of his attacks:

  • Roar AoE
  • Blade Slam
  • Quick Overhead Smash and a Charged variant
  • Greatblade Phalanx
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Simply wait for an opportunity and get underneath him, then roll away before he swings on you. You can’t get too greedy though, as he will turn around and slam you if you remain in one place for too long. But since The Bols Carian Knight is so huge, he’s rather slow. Most of Bols’ attacks hit directly in front of him, and are easily dodged by a faster character. Once you’re behind him, you’re also immune to his roar attack.

When he swings his hand back, watch out for the blade to come rushing forward. Bols will slam the blade into the ground, sending out a shockwave that can knock you down, leaving you open.

The boss will use that Quick Overhead Smash when he raises his sword with both hands, lunge back and stay out of range when slams it into the ground. The Charged variant of this attack has a small delay before he slams the sword into the ground, be careful. This version has a much larger AoE, and does a ton of damage.

His most deadly attack is the Phalanx. He will summon three greatblade projectiles which fly towards the player. You need to be able to dodge these ASAP. Run towards the Bols Carian Knight and the projectiles should sail over you and smash into the ground behind you.

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