How to be born in Alaska in BitLife

How to complete the Deadliest Catch Challenge in BitLife

With the new challenge this week, the Deadliest Catch Challenge, you’re going to get very dirty. And not in a very fun way either. This week, you need to able to become a crab fisherman, then sleep with A LOT of people. The Deadliest Catch Challenge in BitLife involves first being born in the right state, which is what this guide will cover. From there, you can begin the tasks proper.

How to be born in Alaska in BitLife

Alaska is one of the many states in the United States. one of the most remote in fact. As a result there is a very thriving frontier spirit in the area, and in this challenge, you’re going to be a lot more rough around the edges in an unexpected way. Start by making a female character, then you’re ready to try and get the right state as your birth state.  When you make a character, you will be presented with a bevy of options for different cities to be born in. The city doesn’t show the state it’s attached to, so you need to know a bit about geography if you want to finish the challenge. Or, you could cheat and use this guide.

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Luckily for Alaska, it will be the first option from the available list, and it will be Anchorage. Pick that one and you’re ready to move on. Although sometimes you won’t get the option, so you may need to reset the app to get it to show up. You could also use the God Mode addon to force the change must faster, but that cost real money, so it’s understandable if you skip it.

Once you’ve made your female character, time to get to work. Get through school and start job hunting ASAP. Once you have the job, the real work begins. Refer to the guide linked above for more details on this challenge.

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