How to audition for a role in BitLife

Bitlife Movie Update

The BitLife Movie Star update is here. It comes to us in the form of the Job Actor Pack, a paid upgrade. The new content adds a bunch of new jobs and other features to the game, centering around getting big in Hollywood. With the release of the Movie Star update in BitLife, you’ll have the option to grab the Actor Job Pack or the Boss Mode update. That will unlock the ability to be either a TV star or Movie Actor.

But to actually get to that point, you need to actually learn how to get roles. This process isn’t easy, but it can be a pathway to fame and fortune if you’re persistent. The first step is to get noticed in the industry, as either a TV star or Movie actor. That’s going to take time, and you’re going to have to work you way up from the bottom. When you want to audition for a role in BitLife, here’s what you need to do.

How to audition for a role in BitLife

You need to start cultivating your Talent young by taking Acting Lessons at eight years old, and keep doing it each year. Now that you have some skill under your belt, you can then start trying to audition for a role in BitLife. To audition for roles, you have two options. You could get an agent once you can afford it, and have them try and find roles for you. This can be done once per year, and the role is random.

You may also search randomly for roles. This will give you more options and you can do it more times per year. In fact, you can try for as many auditions until you get a role if you want. Click Occupation, then Special Careers, and the Actor job. From here, choose from either a TV or Movie role. You will be given a mix of different roles to look at. Click on them and see the details. Look at the Fit for the role, and the Script Quality. Keep reading to learn what these stats mean.

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The Fit measures how well you would work in the role. A role that doesn’t match your age or gender won’t be good for you, and you probably won’t get the role. You want to try and look for jobs that have a high Fit for your character.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is Script Quality. This reflects the writer’s talent that created the script and how good it is. If you’re eager to find some of the best roles, you need to aim for projects of high quality. The trick is that the higher the quality, the more exacting the requirements for leading and supporting roles will be. The higher Script Quality is, the more the role would have a positive impact on your reputation within the industry.

You will also need to pay attention to Popularity if it’s a TV show. This measures how many people watch that show. The more popular the show, the more likely you are to get noticed in a high-end role for the project. This can be a great help to a career if you’re yet to break into the big time.

When you actually land a role, you will be able to pick the Movie Actor job in the Occupation menu. From there, just practice your role and try to do well.

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