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Good news Trainers! The data miners for Pokémon Go have uncovered something of a major change in future updates. It turns out that Niantic is getting ready to make our lives much easier. In a future patch, Niantic will add the ability to tag a Pokémon. Tagging in Pokémon Go is a pretty simple system for marking your monsters, but it has some game-changing applications. Here’s what we know so far.

What is Tagging in Pokémon Go?

Tagging in Pokémon Go is the new way to track all of the monsters you have caught in your time with it. There are multiple types of tags, and they can be applied to any monster in your Pokédex with tags for PvP, PvE raids, or other activities. You can even mark some of them for trade. This system is meant to rebalance the annoyance of trying to manage Pokémon.

How to tag a Pokémon

Every time you want to tag a Pokémon, you will just need to head into the Pokédex and select the creature you want to tag. You can then change the selection for the tag type and apply it. Creating a tag appears to be an option via the ‘more’ menu on an individual Pokémon. You can alter the types of tags you apply as well, adding specific ones for PvP or whatever.

You can also alter the name and appearance of the tag. So if you tag all your perfect IV roster, you might want to set a unique appearance that you can remember.

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When you Tag something, the game will automatically sort them into tab similar to your current storage. So if you want to find your tagged monsters, head to the same menu you store your Eggs in and take a look around.

How to tag multiple Pokémon

When you go into the “more” menu in-game, you’re going to see the tag option; and within that is where you can tag multiple at once. You can alter the selection type in this menu by changing the type of Pokémon you’re selecting. So if you want to select all the monsters in your storage for a certain species you can. You can also mark all of your shiny Pokémon.

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