How Music Rally mode in Gran Turismo 7 works

Music Rally mode in Gran Turismo 7

The transition to the next-gan of PS5 has had a lot of impact on Gran Turismo 7. With 400+ cars and 90+ tracks to race around with at launch, there’s already a ton to do. Sony and the developer have also committed to adding more content over time. The new online system for GT7 puts players into two groups. With more defined segregation between casual and competitive play, both modes get their own modes to mess around with.

Since the game has been delayed a bit from its planned release, things have changed a lot. There’s plenty to do offline, but multiplayer will be a big deal. As for races, there are more than 90 track layouts to race on, and with 20 players at peak it’s going to be pure chaos. Some players will likely complain that there should be more drivers in a race. But with the PS4 version in the mix, there has to be limitations placed somewhere. But that hasn’t stopped the team from making some major changes by adding creative new modes. One of these is a new mode, called Music Rally mode in Gran Turismo 7.

How Music Rally mode in Gran Turismo 7 works

Music Rally mode in Gran Turismo 7 has a very unique twist to it. It remains a race mode, so there’s no car soccer here. The Gran Turismo 7 State of Play did reveal some planned features that make this an entirely new and inventive mode. Developer Polyphony Digital has crafted Music Rally to be a bit more engaging via the use of background music. Music has been a huge part of selling the immersion and pace of racing games for years. With this mode, that’s being focused on and brought to online races. Players won’t have to focus too hard on competitive driving, as the experience and flow of the mode are the core here.

This new mode has a simple premise, you race to the music. Instead of trying to set fast lap times, you’re effectively trying to keep pace with the backing music. The goal is to race around the track in a checkpoint system, trying to keep “beats” along with the song. The giant checkpoints are basically the same as a time attack goal. The rally must be completed by racers prior to the song ending, which adds a bit of challenge.

In closing, this could be a pretty interesting experiment for Sony and Polyphony Digital. When players dig deeper into the mode, there’s likely to be some chaos that occurs. The goal here is to create an environment that fosters just enjoying the ride, while also offering potential for some mildly competitive driving.

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