How long does it take to beat Final Fantasy VII Remake?

How long does it take to beat Final Fantasy VII Remake?

The prospect of playing through the RPG classic Final Fantasy 7 again has led to many players to start wondering about many different questions. There have been a ton of changes to the new remake, and players want to know what’s coming. Final Fantasy 7 was already a massive game with a bunch of side quests and other content, so it took a fair amount of time to beat.

Older players who have run through the original game will likely be able to tap into some of that knowledge to blitz through some elements though, shortening the time it takes to beat Final Fantasy VII Remake. Sure, the addition of the new Hard mode will offer some variety to the experience for veteran fans.

Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s main story is the first of the big draws, so how long does it take to beat?

The original game’s main story was pretty short, as it could be completed in around five hours if you were rushing it. It seems like the remake has been massively expanded in terms of story content though. According to prominent statistics website How Long to Beat, the main campaign will take around 24 hours to beat to main campaign while avoiding side quests.

How long is Final Fantasy VII Remake in total?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is much more than just the main story quest. As you and your various allies take on Shinra and the evil forces of the world, you’re bound to uncover some secrets, undertake some side quests and just generally goof around a bit. So if you’re into thoroughly exploring the remake, there’s going to be a lot more meat on these bones.

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Those playing on a harder difficulty will also need to expect more playtime. With the remake, it could easily take 40 hours or more to uncover the secrets of the game to completion. The original Final Fantasy VII, as a full game, took around 50 hours, so those running for 100% completion on Hard mode could easily top out at around 60 hours or more, assuming you really know what you’re doing. First-timers running through the remake for the first time on hard could end up spending closer to 100 hours with the game at worst.

We have plenty of other guides that you might find useful as you play through Final Fantasy 7 Remake. If you want to learn the PS4 Trophies, we’ve got your back. The game has also spurred some questions, like if the game has a new game plus mode. Also, some wondered what the level cap is. Final Fantasy VII Remake debuts on PS4 on April 10.

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