How long does a Mega Evolution last in Pokémon Go?

How long does a Mega Evolution last in Pokémon Go?

Mega Evolution is finally in Pokémon Go. These new powerful forms offer another tactical layer to battles, and a new height of strength to achieve. So how long does the Evolution last? Your Pokémon’s Mega Evolution goes away after four hours, and will need to be reset after that. You can check how long you have on a timer by opening up the main menu and then checking the Pokémon you have an active evolution on. Each use consumes Mega Energy, and it will need to be replenished with more Raids.

Each Pokémon in the game, that can use a Mega Evolution anyway, has a certain pool of Mega Energy to use. Each Evolution, and certain abilities, will use up a certain amount each use. There’s also a timer on each use, meaning you have to time each evolution in battle. Using it too early can lead to your team being open to a big salvo from another Trainer or Raid.

To get access to the Mega Evolution, you need to complete the Mega Raid for a given Pokémon. Right now, there are a few Raids in the game. You can take on Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur forms right now. And completing each Raid earns a few things. You can get Mega Energy and Candy, and even have a shot at a shiny form too.

When you first Mega Evolve your Pokémon, it has a pretty huge cost in terms of Energy. For example, for Blastoise to Mega Evolve, it costs 200 Mega Blastoise Energy. Every subsequent Evolution costs another 50 Mega Blastoise Energy. So yeah, you will need a lot of this Energy if you wish to use the form regularly

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Niantic has also been popping out details about Mega Evolution events coming in the game. It’s pretty cool to see the developer pushing these things out, hyping up the new gameplay feature.

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