How does Form Change in Pokémon Go work?

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Niantic sure does love adding new systems to their mobile games for players to mess around with. A new system has been added to the game to unlock new regional forms of various monsters. This system is called Form Change in Pokémon Go, and here’s how it works. It seems pretty straightforward, but there’s some things you need to know.

With this new update, Pokémon Go is getting into another new cosmetic option for Trainers. The Form Change will allow a monster to shift its visual style to a new form, allowing for a more unique roster. The biggest thing to remember when doing this is that the change will alter their moveset and appearance.  For example, you can shift Pokémon from their Kanto form to Alolan or Galarian with enough resources. Their moves will reflect the new region, so keep that in mind.

When a Pokémon can form change, you will see a notice on that member of your team in your Collection. Click on any Pokémon you wish to use a Form Change in Pokémon Go on and look for the option underneath Power Up. Like a Powerup, you need to spend Candy and Stardust to make the shift happen.

For now, only certain mons, like Furfrou, can use this form change. Using Furfrou as an example, you can shift its appearance by spending 25 Furfrou candy and 10,000 Stardust.

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There’s one more thing to remember, and that’s this is restricted by where you are. Each region will have its own form of this roster entry. The Diamond form is in Europe, and Kabuki form spawns in Japan. These are only available in those specific regions, so you can shift between regional unlocks. The form change only allows Pokes to shift their in-game regional form.

It has not been confirmed, but fans assume that there will be other regional shifts and forms added over time.

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