How do Charge Towers in Apex Legends work?

Guide to Charge Towers in Apex Legends

Charge Towers in Apex Legends are a new mechanic brought in with the Season 5 batch of new content. These giant pylons of power are a new tool among many that you can use to get a nice boost to your skills. Zipping around the map you will find them dotted all over the place. But what do Charge Towers in Apex Legends actually do?

A Charge Tower provides your Legend with a full Charge for their Ultimate. This makes it really useful for any solo player or squad looking to make a play. Charging your Ultimate ability and dropping it again in short order can be really devastating for your opponents. SO if you want to charge up quickly and get a clutch play, Charge Towers in Apex Legends are your friend.

When you encounter a Charge Towers in Apex Legends you should run up to it and activate, once it’s safe of course. The panel is pretty obvious right on the base of the tower, you can’t miss it. It’s best to keep your allies in your squad around when you turn it on to bring the charging effect online. This will allow the Charge Towers in Apex Legends to give you a quick buff to your Ult.

The majority of these Charge Towers will be found all over King’s Canyon. The towers do seem to be clustered in a few different areas. The Rig on the northeastern end of the map is one location that they can be found. They can also be found in areas with tons of other structures and infrastructure. You want to look for the large, yellow tower sticking out at the base of a white-and-red base foundation.

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