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Horror game Agony getting procedural Agony Mode

Horror Game Agony

Agony from Mad Mind Studios is out on 29 May on PC and consoles, and the game looks horrific.

Today Mad Mind announced a new mode that will launch with the game called Agony Mode. The big draw within this mode is the procedural generation algorithm that creates a maze from game assets for players to navigate. Think Pan’s Labyrinth on a steroid-enhanced acid trip.

So not only will the game be so edgy that the “heavier” experience need a PC-exclusive patch, but now players have to endure a nice and leisurely stroll through a maze constructed from the combination of the mind of a depraved lunatic and an orgy of violence. Sounds like a fine weekend trip to the park to me, if that park was in Satans backyard.

Agony was Kickstarted raising CA$ 182,642, more than tripling the goal the devs asked for. Players start their journey in the depths of hell with no memories if their past and the idea is to escape hell while encountering all kinds of gruesome beings along the way. Check out gameplay trailers for both the base game and the Agony mode below.

In short, if you want the most uncomfortable and unpleasant game experience ever, check out Agony when it releases later this month.

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