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Hollow Knight coming to PS4 and Xbox One, getting new content

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight, developed by Team Cherry, is an excellent action game with a very obvious metroidvania streak. Originally released on PC and Nintendo Switch, players are tasked with smashing endless legions of creepy and crawly bugs in a nonstop string of hacknslash action. In terms of the genre, this game is probably one of the best to come along in a while. And with it’s inventive boss battles, deep upgrades system and creative style, it’s just an all-round good game.

But if that didn’t feel like enough for you, we’ve got some good news. Well, two bits of good news actually. Hollow Knight is not only getting a release on some new platforms, but it’s also got some new DLC on the way.

The game is heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in spring 2019. Furthermore, the game will also get a physical release next year for all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. No word yet on pricing though, although we can assume a mid-range price of ~$30 based on the previous releases.

The upcoming Godmaster DLC will conclude the story in the game, and act as the final piece of free content for this amazing title.

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Godmaster adds new bosses, items and levels, as well as an entirely new game mode. The other three DLC packs Lifeblood, the Grimm Troupe and Hidden Dreams were also free. Adding various bits to Hollow Knight like quests, bosses and new items.

Check out the trailer for the Godmaster DLC down below.

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