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Here are the items, activities, and Triumphs that are leaving after Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn

Destiny 2 Season of Dawn is winding down, ahead of the launch of the next content bundle, Season of the Worthy. You have until March 9th to claim the Season of Dawn related content, which includes season-specific weapons, Triumphs and story content. So if you’re still working on farming up Season Pass rewards or the Trophy Hunter rifle, you better get on that.

With all of that said, here are the items, achievements and other elements leaving the game when Destiny 2 Season of Dawn ends.

  • Season of Dawn Season Pass and bonuses from the Season Pass (previously earned items from the Season Pass can be claimed here)
  • Season of Dawn Seal and Savior title
  • Incomplete items in the Season of Dawn collections badge will turn invisible
  • Emblems and Shader Quests/items from the Season of Dawn
  • Fractaline Skimmer consumable
  • Light-Fused Fractaline
  • Polarized Fractaline
  • The Sundial Arena
  • The Sundial Spire
  • Destination Obelisks
  • Tower Obelisk
  • Obelisk Bounties
  • Quests from Osiris
  • Quests from Saint-14
  • Saint-14 bounties
  • Devil’s Ruin exotic quest
  • Season of Dawn artifact mods
  • The Lantern of Osiris seasonal artifact
  • Lore – “Constellations”
  • Player power increase from The Lantern of Osiris
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Season 9 Triumphs

  • Tangled Shore Resonance
  • Mars Resonance
  • Nessus Resonance
  • EDZ Resonance
  • Global Resonance
  • Link Repair
  • Race Through Time
  • Undefeatable
  • Legendary Psion
  • Flayer Slayer
  • Inotam’s Ruin
  • Sundial
  • Bastion
  • Saintly Savior
  • A Past Remembered
  • Bound By Duty
  • Saintly Duty
  • Devil’s Ruin
  • Tower Obelisk
  • Central Power
  • Power Overwhelming
  • Empyrean Restorer
  • Torch-Bearer
  • Season 9: Power Bonus
  • Season 9: Progress
  • Season 9: Combat
  • Season 9: Challenges
  • Season 9: Valor
  • Season 9: Valor Legend
  • Season 9: Glory
  • Season 9: Glory Streak
  • Season 9: Iron Banner
  • Season 9: Engagement
  • Season 9: Rituals
  • Season 9: Vanguard
  • Season 9: Nightfall
  • All other Season 9 triumphs

Destiny 2 was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2017, with a PC release the following month. The base game has since gone free-to-play, with paid DLC packs for Season Pass content and addon expansions. Bungie has said that they remain committed to the game, and are even bringing back the much-loved Trials of Osiris PvP mode.

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