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Hellmann’s will donate a meal to charity for every spoiled turnip in Animal Crossing

Hellmann’s will donate a meal to charity for every spoiled turnip in Animal Crossing

Hellmann’s Canada, part of the British-Dutch multinational consumer company Unilever, is working through its Hellmann’s branding to donate food and meals to those in need. The subsidiary company has announced a charity drive through Animal Crossing: New Horizons that will see them donate food based on how many players join their island and donate spoiled Turnips.

Turnips are a big deal in the Switch hit. On Sundays, players buy them cheap from Daisy Mae, and then try to sell them for a profit. There’s even an entire section of the community dedicated to metagaming and trying to share islands with the best prices. This has of course led to plenty of winners and losers in the ACNH equivalent of the stock market. And if you don’t sell your Turnips fast enough, you’re left with a ton of rotten veggies.

So far, Hellmann’s Canada has already concluded tours through their islands for today. The custom island has designs and areas themed after the brand, and players who visit are encouraged to don the designs and take photos. Of course, if you book a tour, you should bring as many stacks of spoiled Turnips as you can. The tours throughtheir island can be reserved by DM on Twitter when tours open again tomorrow from 3pm – 12pm EST.

The five-star island tours can be reserved ahead of time. Any interested players should direct message the Hellmann’s Canada Twitter account for the island’s Dodo Code and set up a time and place to drop off their turnips. And that means more meals for the hungry, so why not?

This isn’t the first time the ACNH community has done something cool with corporate branding. Gillette Venus collaborated with an Animal Crossing player to create designs to promote body positivity and representation.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out now for Nintendo Switch.

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