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Haven gets first gameplay trailer


Haven is a new title from the team behind the chic boss-runner title, Furi. Game Bakers have decided to step away from the action and shooter genres to make something more unique and as equally fancy as their previous game. Players can expect a much more story-driven RPG experience from Haven.

The crux of that story is a pair of exiled lovers by the name of Yu and Kay. These two have been banished to an alien planet called Source for some unknown reason and must survive together. The deeply personal journey is an integral part of the story in Haven, with players taking control of both characters and having their gameplay choices having an impact on the story itself. The game will also apparently have a light amount of JRPG-esque combat elements.

The game has been described by the studio founder Emeric Thoa as “Journey meets Persona”. It’s a co-op game at heart, with a pair of players taking these two into what could be a tragic or wonderful love story. It’s that mystery that makes Haven just that much more intriguing. The studio head cited other titles, like the romance puzzler Catherine, as inspirations for the game. This means we could see a very dark tale about the nature of human relationships unfold.

And with their last game being incredibly well-received, it’s very possible that this take on a lovers tryst could be very engaging and fun, if not very depressing. We’ll just have to wait until launch to find out.

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Haven is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2020, check out the new trailer for the adventure title down below.

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