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The Magic Find system in Guild Wars 2 is kind of a bugbear. A lot of players can play for years and not fully understand it. And it seems that it’s about to get a tiny bit more complicated. The upcoming launch of End of Dragons will see a major shift in the game in a ton of ways. Not only are PvP reworks and a ton of new content incoming, but now Magic Find is getting a small change. Now if you read the update the wrong way, it can sound like the sky is falling, I promise you, it’s not.

The change means that Guild Wars 2 Magic Find is getting a new cap. Now don’t freak out. The update is phrased in a weird way, and that has confused a few people. The Magic Find system is a combination of using Boosters, Guild Hall buffs, Luck generation, as well as achievements. Currently, the cap—excepting the bonuses to Magic Find in certain zones—is 735%. By combining the various methods to boost MF, you could get around 1000% Magic Find. This new change will adjust the total maximum to 750%.

The change makes sense, as the loot system just can’t handle above a certain value of MF—as it causes tons of errors. ArenaNet will address the change by adding new sources that you can redeem MF on. This commonly applies to many loot boxes in various areas, but ArenaNet will add more containers affected by Guild Wars 2 Magic Find going forward.

This will have some negative impact on the Magic Find methods for certain events, and will have some knock-on effects on the economy. In theory, some new event-based farms will need to be found in order to remain profitable. For example, this might reduce the number of people purchasing the Lunar New Year envelopes to open to make Gold. Some players may decide that there’s more efficient gold in other farms, like Dragon Fall or other methods.

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Here’s the full post:

Hey folks,

When Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons launches next week there will be a change to magic find in the update notes, and we wanted to give you some context for why we made the change and explain the overall impact.

Currently—with the exception of AP bonuses and time or location specific bonuses—the maximal magic find percentage you can obtain is 735%. With the launch of End of Dragons, the cap for maximum magic find will be set at 750%.

The primary reason for the adjustment is that when magic find goes over 900%, it causes errors in the rewards system. Our loot tables were not built to let it go that high and as the game ages, making changes to accommodate that becomes less and less feasible.

This change allows us to be able to grant magic find more generously from new sources and even introduce some more containers which can be affected by magic find, which we’d previously avoided due to the concerns just outlined.

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